Litamina 1200

Proven design for efficient collection.

A compact sweeper for efficient collection for unwanted debris from sand filled or rubber crumb synthetic surfaces. With its spiral design brush helping to stand up the pile and improve collection, and a large capacity mesh hopper collecting debris but allowing infill to be returned to the surface, the Litamina 1200 is ideal for helping to keep surfaces free of contamination and harmful debris.

Litamina 1200 Specifications

Code FS1072Y
Working width 1200mm (1.2m/48")

Minimum tractor required

25hp minimum

Litamina 1200 & 1500 Features & Benefits

  • Essential to remove organic debris before it contaminates the surface
  • Important to remove any litter and potentially harmful debris before play
  • Standard cat 1, 3point linkage, pto drive
  • Hydraulic tip facility for easy emptying
  • "No tools required" simple brush adjustment
  • Large capacity mesh hopper which allows infill to be returned to the surface


Jim Dawson - Head Groundsman - SRU, Murrayfield

"I use the Litamina all year round for sweeping and collecting grass clippings, thatch, cores and litter. It is easy to use and set up and leaves a great finish."

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SISIS Litamina 1200 for Synthetic Turf

This video demonstrates the SISIS Litamina 1200 in action on synthetic turf, an application that is well suited for. The SISIS Litamina 1200 is a tractor mounted compact sweeper and collector for collecting all types of surface debris from fine turf and outfield turf. Its effective sweeping brushes mean it is ideal for synthetic turf maintenance and amenities.

Dennis Mowers
Dennis Mowers