Sweeping up the debris.

Regular cleaning of synthetic surfaces is vital to avoid contamination of the surface and remove potentially harmful debris before play.

The SSS1000 sweeper features a spiral rotary brush. Debris is swept into a mesh hopper that allows pitch infill to be returned to the surface.

Sweeping will also pick up any loose fibres that may be common place in the early weeks after installation.

SSS1000 Specifications



Working width: 

1000mm (1m/40")

Power unit requirement

12hp minimum

SSS1000 Features & Benefits

  • Essential to remove organic debris before it contaminates the surface
  • Important to remove any litter and potentially harmful debris before play
  • Brush height is easily adjustable without tools
  • Fast work rate helps to keep surfaces in play
  • Adjustable drawbar which lifts upright for easy storage – ball or jaw hitch
  • Wheel drive to the brush is disengaged by simple “pull & twist” clutch levers on each wheel for transport between sites
  • Unique spiral brush design reduces vibration and ensures constant brush contact with the surface

Press Releases



SISIS SSS1000 for Synthetic Turf

The Sisis SSS1000 is an ideal tool for artificial and synthetic turf maintenance and this video shows the machine in action. The SISIS SSS1000 is a tractor mounted rotary brush sweeper for use on artificial turf surfaces. It removes surface debris, lifts pile and redistributes sand or rubber crumb infill, giving your artificial surface maximum performance and life.

Dennis Mowers
Dennis Mowers