SVR 1500 Deep Cleaner

The two-in-one deep cleaning and decompaction machine.

Designed for use on either sand or rubber filled surfaces, the SVR 1500 is ideal for deep cleaning and aiding decompaction.

The large diameter rotating brush lifts the contaminated infill and passes it through an airstream whereby the process separates initially the fine dust particles and then the larger coarse debris before returning the ‘cleaned’ infill back to the surface where it is brushed back into the pile. The process helps to decompact surfaces, allow water to permeate through, reduce bacteria, algae and moss and reduce the risk of player injury.

SVR 1500 Specification

Code  FS1286
Working width :  1500mm (1.5m/60”)
Tractor Power Requirement :  Minimum 30 - 35hp

SVR 1500 Features & Benefits

  • Provides maintenance cleaning, intensive cleaning, decompaction and surface rejuvenation
  • Includes stabalizing wheels
  • Rear brush for presentation
  • Easy to use hand wheel for working depth adjustment
  • Easy to remove filter sections

Press Releases

Dennis Mowers
Dennis Mowers