Towed Rake & Brush Combinations

Proven combinations give impressive performance.

Proven combinations designed for most small ride-on power units including compact garden tractors.

Used singly or with a straight "finishing" brush, either the fine grooming rake or flexicomb are ideal for decompaction maintenance on sand or rubber infill surfaces.

This process keeps the fibres upright allowing them to wear correctly and players to gain traction. Two version are available, manual lift or electric lift.

Towed Rake & Brush Combinations Specification

Working width: 1800mm (1.8m/72")

Power unit requirement: 15hp minimum

Towed Single Implement Frame - Manual Lift FS1118Y
Towed Single Implement Frame - Electric Lift FS1238Y
Twin Implement Extension Arms FS1123Y
Flexicomb FS1134Y
Fine Rake FS1075Y

Press Releases

Towed Rake & Brush Combinations Implements

1.8m Flexicomb FS1134Y
1.8m Fine Grooming Rake FS1075Y
1.8m Straight Brush FS0765Y

Implements can be used singly or pairs.
Flexicomb also available in 1.3m upon request.
Fine Grooming Rake also available in 1.2m/2.4m upon request.
Straight Brush also available in 1.2m/2.4m upon request.

Dennis Mowers
Dennis Mowers