Tractor Mounted Brush Combinations

Combination brush systems which are ideal for regular maintenance of synthetic surfaces. The flexicomb and straight finishing brush combination is recommended for both sand and rubber infill.

The flexicomb ensures even distribution of infill and lifts the pile whilst the straight brush produces a smooth level and eye catching presentation.

For rubber crumb surfaces a more aggressive brushing is required and this can be achieved by adjusting the crossbar on the flexicomb to stiffen the bristles.

A combination of Zig Zag and straight brush's provides a four section angled action and a finish to ensure a maximum brushing effect.

Tractor Mounted Brush Combinations Specifications

Working width: 1800mm (1.8m/72")

Tractor power requirement: 15hp minimum

SinglePlay Frame FS0870Y
TwinPlay Frame (Complete) FS1237Y
Twin Implement Extension Arms FS1123Y
Flexicomb Implement FS1134Y

Press Releases

Tractor Mounted Brush Combinations Implements

1.8m Flexicomb FS1134Y
1.8m Zig Zag Brush FS0869Y
1.8m Straight Brush FS0765Y

Implements can be used or in pairs.
Flexicomb also available in 1.3m upon request.
Zig Zag Brush also available in 2.4m upon request.
Straight Brush also available in 1.2m/2.4m upon request.



Synthetic Turf Maintenance/SISIS Twinplay

A demonstration of the SISIS Twinplay - an ideal tool for artificial and synthetic turf maintenance. Attached to the SISIS Towed Implement Frame, the SISIS Twinplay is designed specifically for daily maintenance of artificial surfaces, keeping them in good playing condition and maximising surface life.

Dennis Mowers
Dennis Mowers